Sunday, April 11, 2010


I should be updating this blog but I'm doing alot of shit surfing now that I'm always distracted!

P.S.: Liting's beside me now. So yeah. HAHA!

Monday, March 08, 2010

A Day in 2010

I guess i must be the only one posting on this blog this year. (i hope not) This blog was largely forgotten by me(omg) until i decided to google up some things on the net and i re-stumbled upon this blog. It is almost a year since we graduated from our school and i am really glad to say that we have regular meetings with each other. To maintain such a close bond between us as friends is really a treasure that i will keep for the rest of my life, this bond that we have developed over the pass years together would surely be everlasting, looking back on the date that this blog was formed it has been 5 years already aint it? 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010-this year. Time files doesnt it? The joyous time we have spent together and the fond memories that each of us can reflect upon as we continue on this journey called life. Let it be known that you my friends to me are what people call friends forever.

Looking forward, Myself and my own experiences that i have felt this past year. Army as YZ has mention below all took us within its jaws and consumed us into is abyss. This 2 years is a time that we are forced to spent and it is in recoverable. Time is something that i young adult doesnt have, that is in my own opinion of course. Myself having been through BMT it was a self discovering experience, it made me discover somethings about my self that i didnt know or notice and has made me stronger. However i like that self discovery i cant help but scorned at the fact that i had to make that self discovery during this time. Having said that i am glad i am already posted to a unit and will continue serving from that unit. I just hpoe that this 2 years would pass by without a hitch and allow me to continue on my life's journey.

Whats everyone doing now? Needless to say I am serving the nation as well as Eh, YZ, Aaron, Robin, Jeremy. Well we are at different places in this tiny little island Doing the same thing, Serving the nation, as for the girls ZH, LT, YL, EUG, Jess, Trix, MS and the Malay girls i am sure they are all doing well in their lives but i dont really have a say into as what they are doing. As far as my knowledge stretches they are studying, which is good(unlike us guys).

Well i wish everyone all best in their endeavors, in pursuing what they want to pursue and chasing their dreams , i know i am chasing mine. My wish for this blog is that it is not forgotten and that it would be active, Not to be relegated to only waiting for its masters to rediscover it, like what happen to me.

Signed with love,

Just in case people forget, here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year, Happy Lunar New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Birthdays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji. Have a blessed year Ahead.

oh not to forget...
i am planning a Overseas Trip, i hope it is successful ^^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yoyo... Update of KYZ's Life. During my BMT ( basic military training ) days. First few days go inside abit emo emo. V.sian could not accept the fact that i had to serve. Why must we serve? Then after that got used to it there. Met some great friends all guys hahaha. Imagine every morning waking up seeing guys. Saying good morning to guys. Moving in and out of the room with guys... heehee... Physical training and other military trainings were all we did. Enjoyed the times where we got scolded. Laughed at one another for the stupidity or seeing the face of a freaking tired friend. Looking at each other complaining and whining like a girl. Scolding all the vulgarities and making fun of our superiors in our room just to vent our anger. The only entertainments in army is ourselves. We laugh at each other to help the days go by better. The only luxury in there is sleep. We sleep more and enjoy it alot, it also gives us more energy to get by the following hectic and tiring days. For me i had phone calls with my gf at night. Was one of the motivations i had to survive in tekong mentally haha.. You dont have to be physically fit in there but you need to be mentally strong to survive there and not go insane. I have always left my sanity in my locker until i book out then i will bring it out to civilisation otherwise i would have lost it. The worst times of my life were the ones where we had field camp. You feel like you would want to die and it was the darkest days of your lifes. Feel like giving up. Never felt so dirty in your life before. Never felt so inhuman before. Your survival instinct kicks in and you wont even bother about personal hygiene anymore. But still we all managed to survive through those days and now im here typing. That's basically about my life in BMT :D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

end of chapter, a new beginning

Every story have its own beginning, and its own ending. Our story dates back to the year 2006, where people from all walks of life, brought together by destiny comes together. Uncertain of what lies ahead of us, we began a new chapter of our life. Our poly life, MIT0614.

Some of us kept to ourselves (Jeremy and I), while others open up their hearts to accommodate and accept the new surrounding. We had new additions to the class (Liting), while some left due to personal reasons (Joycelyn *that's if I got her name right*). Not long later, we had our very first outing over at the Esplanade.

Things began to shape up. We had the time of our lives. Then here comes our first BBQ over at Desmond's house. Along with our Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs).

After that, things starts to get a little complicated. Politics and stuff. Some of us proved to be the black sheep of the group. Soon, she's out of the picture (Tin *that's if that's her real name*).

Had our very first class chalet.

The end of year 1. Sad to say, some of us failed our modules (that includes me, myself) so we had no choice but to leave the usual suspect. Physically seperated, but we still remained together as within our own cliques.

Year 2 began, that's where the controversy starts. Just like in a relationship, some of us had character clashes. Some of us stayed together while others, just backed out by themselves.

Had our only chalet. That's the only chalet we had FULL attendance of the whole class. Had loads of fun back then though the location was a little far fetched.

Thankfully, the whole class passed through year 2 without much major problems. But sad to say, Eugenia had left us to pursue her studies in another country. Heard that she dealt with the change very well, both academically and environmentally.

Year 3 came. Some of us had hell of a time with our studies while others are enjoying their slack life in Final Year Projects (FYP) and internship. We had new additions to the clique (Leonard and Yanling) and we had another BBQ over at Desmond's house after their FYP and attachment.

The second half of semester was hell for some who kept complaining of having depressions and insomnia due to projects while others who are having FYP and attachment are enjoying the remaining slack semester.

Everything (academically) came to an end just 2 days ago where the class had their graduation. I didn't get to graduate with them but I do share their joy and excitement of graduating have a diploma in hand.

And just yesterday, we had our very last BBQ together as a class. Though the attendance was pretty disappointing, but we had great fun.

A toast to people who stood by each other in times of need. A toast to people who helped each other along the way for this 3 years. And a toast to all that made our class significant. Look at how much we have 'evolved'!

We have cross each other's path in a more than significant way and I hope we will remain it this way. We definitely had a happy ending for our story. But a happy ending marks the beginning of a new chapter. Be it, National Service, further studies and for some, into the social working life. We hope all are good and luck for your individual future endeavour. Thanks for all that made my poly life a memorable one.

Keep in touch people! The spirit of 'Still Thinking' lives in all of us.

Monday, November 24, 2008

dust dust dust!!!

hey everyone! hope that everyone's doing fine in your final semester!!!
all the best everyone!!!

and hey,
shouldnt someone be blogging on the chalet i missed and not me posting a simple bo liao post to clear the dust away?